Sony FS5 Slog3, Premiere CC flickering, LUT ect.

- Note. This problem has been fixed in new CC version. -

 As you know there are flickering problem in Premiere CC when using Slog3. When I googled the problem I found forum discussion that doubted the problem is in MXF format. I found that a little strange because the flickering only happens in Slog.

So could it be colorspace problem? I changed color profile from S-Gamut3.cine to ITU709 and tested the material. No Flickering! Awesome. And with ITU709 I can change white balance using WB switch. I tested other color profiles too, but 709 seem to be best starting point for my custom LUT.

Picture Profile Settings

Select PP9 and reset it to factory settings.
Change Color Mode to ITU709 MATRIX.

Custom LUT

Ok. So I wanted neutral LUT that would give me some extra latitude in highlights and get rid of that "knee look". LUT that would give me fast starting point when working with Lumetri Color in Premiere CC.
You can download the LUT form here.

Neutral Picture Profile

I don't remember where I find this profile so I can't give gredit to him/her. This is pretty good general purpose profile.

Black level: 0
Gamma: Cine 1
Black gamma
-Range: Middle
-Level: 0
-Mode: Manual
-Manual Set:
-Point 105.0%
-Slope + 5
Color Mode: ITU709 Matrix
Saturation: 0
Color Phase: 0
Color Depth: kaikki 0
Color Correction:
-Type: Off
-Memory Selection: 1
-Filter Type: LB-CC
-Kaikki 0
-Level: 0
-Manual Set

If you found these settings and LUT helpful please send me a postcard :-)